2023 La Sportiva Monte Bianco Vertical Challenge

Climb with La Sportiva this March ! Can you climb 4810m during March? If you do you will have climbed the height of Monte Bianco, Italy’s highest mountain ! Whether you finish in one day or take all 31 days, if you complete the challenge you can win !

(Add #LaSportivaVertical to your posts so we can share your images.)

How to enter?

(Note: we can only verify runners vertical for those with public Strava accounts)

Entries Close April 5th at Noon (AEST) .

Winners will be announced on April 6th at Noon (AEST) !

#LaSportivaVertical #ForYourMountain

EPIC FAIL is for the best story of why it didn’t happen… maybe the dog ran off with your shoes, or you stubbed your toe doing the shopping day one and this put you out of action! Tell us your story why you couldn’t complete the 2023 Monte Bianco Vertical Challenge !    

The Monte Bianco Vertical Challenge is not just about the most metres climbed. Have fun too ! Trail running has inherent risks so caution should be taken by all runners. Those who join the challenge do so at their own risk. Note: The competition is worldwide , but prizes are for Australian residents only.      



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