Mark Bourne


Resides: Canberra

Occupation: Ecologist

Favourite Trails: Local Canberra trails, Mt Tennent & Victorian/NSW Alps.

La Sportiva Shoe Favourite: Helios 2.0 (Trail races)  & VK for Vertical and stair races.

Mark is a renowned mountain runner and stair racer. A a young fellow he always enjoying running hills and found them to be his strength in cross country races as a junior. It helped him stamp his mark with a win at the U20 Australian Cross Country Championships on a tough course at Nowra in 2002. So it was a natural transition into mountain running and then stair/tower running, which follows in the footsteps of some great runners from Canberra. The discipline of  stair running is growing with more and more races, so the international calendar keeps Mark busy, but he really enjoy getting onto the trails wherever possible.

Mark winning Buffalo Stampede 10k.



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