New for 2019… the Kaptiva

La Sportiva goal has always been eco-sustainability with solutions, materials and certifications designed to minimize the environmental impact of their products and give an even stronger and tangible sign of corporate commitment to the environment. The company’s commitment continues with new products like the Kaptiva.

The new Kaptiva is a trail running shoe dedicated to medium and long distance races. You can unleash your desire for freedom thanks to the innovative knit fabric, SLIP-ON construction which helps reduces the volume of each individual section of the shoe, optimizing the overall dimensions and the layers of material for a wraparound, super clean structure that is dedicated to your running performance. The fit is snug and comfortable, free of empty, destabilizing volumes. The stretch, mono-layer cuff sticks to the heel like a sock avoiding overlapping layers and preventing external agents from entering the shoe, but facilitating the entry of the foot and the operation of fit. The sole/midsole package aims at providing the perfect balance between fluidity, stability, flexibility and traction thanks to the longitudinal cuts in the tread of the super grippy and extremely durable FriXion White compound with Impact Brake System lugs of different angle inclinations.

Kaptiva: unleash your run

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