kunanyi Mountain Run – March 24-26, 2023
Posted On : October 5, 2021

Race Date :

kunanyi Mountain Run 24th to 26th, April 2023  with La Sportiva as the official run partner for the Vertical Kilometre Race !

A Vertical Kilometre (VK) is a race with 1,000m of climbing in 5km or less distance. The kunanyi race course is the steepest and shortest route up the kunanyi, run via some famous, and one secret, track. Runners will tackle a 5k course that embraces the steepness of kunanyi’s eastern face, taking in the scrambling Breakneck Track, Rocky Hunters Track, Organ Pipes and then up straight up to Pinnacle Road to finish.

At kMR, the Vertical Kilometre is also the 2023 Skyrunning ANZ VK National Championship Race.




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