Razorback 2014 Maps and Track notes

The 2014 Razorback Run is looking to be yet another one of those Running Wild classic races  with great numbers filling the event. 4 challenging distances in some of the most spectacular country in Victoria’s Alpine National Park. The 64km Razorback Ridge run which builds on the 58km course but takes in the entire length of the Razorback to offer some of the most spectacular running and scenery in the Australian Alps and the short course Razorback Ridge 22km – a delightful day out, up to the Summit of Mt Feathertop and back along the Razorback, and if you dont want to take on an ultra 40km from Harrietville up to Feathertop along the Razorback and down Bon Accord is a great day out!

Here are the track notes and maps….. 64km 58km 40km 22km




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