Shane Hutton
Resides: Upwey Victoria
Occupation: Self employed.
Favourite Trails: Mt Buller trails.
La Sportiva Shoe Favourite: Helios

Shane’s an Ultra Runner, Mountain Biker, Climber, Ironman and all-round challenge seeker who likes to create his own punishing events!

Some of Shane’s adventures:

Shane’s Run Around the Bay
Shane ran 224km around Port Phillip Bay, near Melbourne, to raise $10,000 for Shake It Up, in 34 hours, the last 70kms with a torn calf.

Tassie Traverse
Shane ran from the northern-most point of Tasmania, to the Southern-most point, a journey of 672kms.  He dealt with a load of fun stuff, from days of waist deep mud, to leeches and overgrown trails, and had one hell of an adventure doing it!

Everesting on Foot
Have you head of Everesting? Its where a cyclist rides non stop up and down a mountain until he reaches 8,848m of ascent, the equivalent height of Mt Everest.  But on a random Wednesday Shane decided he didn’t need a bike, so “Everested on foot”,  a total of 27 laps (56kms) of the steep and technical Glasgow Track in the Dandenongs, over 16 hours.  Just a midweek micro-adventure!

Shane’s passionate about escaping to the mountains and running or riding single track whenever he can.

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