Skyrunning Australia & New Zealand Association

Founded in July 2013, the Skyrunning Australia & New Zealand Association (SANZA) is a full voting member of the International Skyrunning Federation. Not only do they represent local events who participate as hosts of the national Skyrunning circuit but also local runners who want to participate in both national and international Skyrunning disciplines.


To promote and facilitate the growth of Skyrunning within Australia and New Zealand.


Through ongoing and continued support of both event organisers and athletes who choose to become members of SANZA, the association aims to provide the platform to both assist and govern the sport of Skyrunning in Australia and New Zealand as well as to promote and make it accessible to both the local and international running markets.

Other Duties

  • Create a Trans Tasman circuit and publish national calendar (minimum of 3 recognized events)
  • Select races to be included on the national circuit and final championships
  • Candidate a national race to be considered for Skyrunner® World Series race or trial
  • Create and maintain athlete database, including Skyrunner® results from national Skyrunning Championship
  • Select individuals or team to participate at the Skyrunner® World Series

Management Committee

Skyrunning in Australia and New Zealand was set up by athletes for athletes. With that in mind and to ensure we hold true to the vision and spirit of Skyrunners all around the world we formed a Management Advisory Committee.

The purpose is to ensure we look after the needs of the runners before during and after events while growing the sport.

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