Summit Gear

The leading outdoor store in the Blue Mountains for equipment that provides enthusiasts with the best gear for serious adventures. They have what you need! Whether you’re training for UTA or climbing in The Glen.

What they offer …

Firstly, they don’t sell junk and see no reason to waste your time or theirs by selling products that just aren’t up to the job. They provide a streamlined range of high quality, thoughtfully designed and manufactured products for outdoor adventure. They aren’t going to burden you with overwhelming ‘choice’ when we’ve waded through the muck and found what they believe are the best products in their respective categories.

A little history …

Way back in the dark ages of 1981, Dave and Trish Murphy opened a little outdoor store in the Blue Mountains called Katoomba Outdoor Centre. We brought the first technical climbing and bushwalking gear to the Mountains, saving outdoor enthusiasts the 4-5 hour return trip to Sydney to buy gear.

The gear that was sold in Australia at the time was generally from the United States or Europe via Asia. It often was not adequately made or designed for use in the harsh Blue Mountains environment, and we saw a need for locally designed and manufactured equipment. In 1983 we bought our first industrial sewing machine, and began manufacturing outdoor equipment.

Rucksacks were cut out on the lounge room floor and sewn in the shop, between serving customers. It would take one week to complete a daypack. The original labels were hand drawn on completion of the pack to ensure that it was correctly aligned. Dave never made a mistake with the label!

As orders began to come in, our first machinist, Kathy, was hired to begin full time manufacturing from our back shed. The word began to spread of the clean designs and absolute durability of Summit Gear rucksacks. Manufacturing premises were leased, staff numbers increased, and Summit Gear continued to manufacture everything from expedition climbing harnesses and packs, to medical and rescue gear to the toughest school bags available.

By the 1990’s, Summit Gear equipment had been used on expeditions to all major mountain ranges in the world, including first ascents in the former Soviet Union and Antarctica. Summit Gear products were used widely by rescue teams, professional guiding and outdoor education groups, and outdoor enthusiasts nation-wide. Summit Gear was also involved in manufacturing packs for other major outdoor brands in Australia.

As we entered the early 2000’s , we re-established our outdoor retail presence in Katoomba with a large destination store that stocked not just Summit Gear products, but a large range of the finest outdoor equipment available. We were relatively early adaptors to the world of online sales, setting up our first online store in 2003. We opened our second retail store in Glenbrook, Lower Blue Mountains, in 2006, giving us greater access to the Sydney market, whilst still ensuring that the bush is only three minutes walk away.

Dave and Trish retired in March 2015 and became professional bushwalkers. Summit Gear continues to thrive under our current owner Robert, and we have big plans in our future.

Summit Gear still make all their products in Katoomba, Blue Mountains and come across their packs in all corners of the globe.

86 Katoomba St Katoomba NSW 2780. Ph: (02) 4782 3018.

Summit Gear.



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